The Prince and the Pauper
A Minimal Edition

Guide to the Textual Apparatus

Description of Texts identifies and discusses editions published in Mark Twain’s lifetime and specifies copies collated and examined in the preparation of this edition.

Textual Notes specify those features of the text discussed generally in the textual introduction, record all of Mark Twain’s marginalia in the manuscript, and discuss adopted readings and aspects of Mark Twain’s revision which require fuller explanation.

Emendations of the Copy—Text lists every departure from the copy—text and records the source of the reading in the present text. It includes the reading adopted when a compound word is hyphenated at the end of a line in the copy—text.

Historical Collation records all variant substantive readings among the significant texts.

Alterations in the Manuscript provides a description of the manuscript and a record of every revision that the author made in it.

Word Division in This Volume lists ambiguous compounds hyphenated at the end of a line in this volume, and gives their correct form for quotation.


                    Description of Texts